morning crabbiness

I am a sloooooow waker-upper. I do not like to wake up suddenly and have to jump right out of bed. Mornings are most certainly the slowest part of my day. I guess Scott knows that the secret to getting me up quickly is to say, “Wake up, Greta. It’s getting ready to storm and the sky is the kind you like to take pictures in.”

And up I went.

Outside our window is a crabapple tree that I have been waiting on to bloom. We have just experienced Spring here in Omaha. It happened last Sunday – everything just decided to wake up. The pear trees burst out blooming and the grass (instantly??) turned green – or at least that’s the way it seemed. But the crabapple tree out front has taken its sweet time to burst out in blooms.

I grabbed my camera and went downstairs to see if I could get some pictures of the blooms and buds of this very show-offy tree. I hope the rain isn’t too hard and doesn’t knock all the potential blooms off their limbs.






Have a blessed Sunday, friends.

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One thought on “morning crabbiness

  1. oh to have that option to rise slowly out of bed! miss Reagan wakes me up every morning saying “its morning! look!” and pulls open all our blinds in the bedroom!
    i am a morning person though. lately i find myself going to bed earlier & earlier. if i can wake up before everyone else i find like i found a little gem in the time, space continuum.


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